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This course is the culmination of the IT program that highlights the analysis, design and implementation of an information system using a specific model for software development – the Microsoft Solutions Framework. Preliminary topics about design principles and patterns in architecting a solution, and the gathering, analyzing and formalizing of business and user requirements are thoroughly discussed before diving into the design and development process. The Microsoft Visual Studio software development tool and the ASP.NET MVC platform will be used to demonstrate the different information systems development activities.

The Advanced Programming course focuses on server-side programming to build and maintain web sites in a professional level using PHP, a popular web programming language used by web developers today, and often in tandem with MySQL as the database. Basic knowledge and skills in HTML and CSS are necessary to learn most from the course.

This course immerses the students in the design and development of cutting-edge applications in C# using proven object-oriented methodologies and best practices to make them competitive in the software industry.